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The very best start

Giving birth is a highly personal and emotional experience – in most cases, the most life-changing event that will happen in a woman’s life. At Women’s Health Associates, we’re dedicated to helping you grow the healthiest baby possible, and to helping you have a safe and beautiful birth you can remember with joy for the rest of your life.

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Prenatal Care

Prenatal care Bentonville begins in the first trimester. We recommend calling to schedule the first appointment after a positive pregnancy test at home.


Women’s Health Associates is dedicated to giving your baby the best head start possible while making sure you get the care you need as well. During your routine office visits, your WHA doctor will perform routine checks, including blood pressure, pulse, weight, urine, fetal heartbeat, and uterine measurement. Once your baby is big enough, she will also monitor fetal movement and position.


A caring, understanding environment, with doctors dedicated to taking this important journey with you – that’s what you’ll find at Women’s Health Associates.

Ultrasound Imaging

The first time you see your baby is one of the most important moments in your life. And Women’s Health Associates is dedicated to making this moment special.


Our trained ultrasound technicians perform obstetric ultrasounds in our office. While we typically use ultrasound to assess the health of your baby, it’s also an exciting opportunity for parents to see their child for the first time.  And our 4D ultrasound technology allows you to meet your baby in a way you have to see to believe.


4D Ultrasound

Women’s Health Associates is pleased to offer 4D ultrasound, a technology that allows you to view your baby with unprecedented detail. 4D ultrasound is the latest in ultrasound imaging technology. It provides not only a 3D image of your baby, but has been combined with video to give you a real-time, 4D image of your child. Women’s Health Associates offers packages including photos and video for you to take with you. The ideal time for the 4D ultrasound is around 28 – 32 weeks gestation.

obstetrics, women's health associates, bentonville obstetricians


Birth is such an emotional and life-changing event. You want it to be special, and yet you have so many fears going into it.


At Women’s Health Associates, our goal is to help you and your baby remain safe and healthy through the process – but we also want to help make sure you’re able to carry happy memories of your birth experience for years to come. To this end, we remain sensitive, supportive, and professional throughout the birth process.

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Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. And when problems arise, new moms don’t always know where to turn for help.


At Women’s Health Associates, we are dedicated to helping breastfeeding mothers succeed. Our lactation consultant is a professional breastfeeding specialist who helps teach our new mothers how to feed their babies, as well as help women who may be experiencing problems with breastfeeding such as painful nursing, latching difficulties, and low milk production. Additionally, for new moms who need to return to work, our lactation consultant can familiarize them with breast pumps and tips on how to use them and store expressed breast milk.


In addition to breastfeeding classes, she also offers one-on-one counseling.

obstetrics, women's health associates, bentonville obstetricians

Postpartum Care

After you give birth, your body goes through tremendous changes. For nine months it has cradled and cared for a growing baby, and then in a matter of hours, the baby is delivered. Is it any wonder a woman’s body may have a hard time bouncing back?


That’s why during the postpartum phase – from delivery to about six weeks – we will be available for any needs that arise. At your postpartum checkup, we will make sure your body is bouncing back and address any concerns you may have.

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Additional Resources

Healow Mom is an app that lets expecting moms track their pregnancy, access their medical records, and communicate with their providers through secured messages.  It also enables moms to access educational materials, videos, and so much more! Click here to learn more.

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Text4baby is a cell phone text messaging service for pregnant women and new moms. Text messages are sent three times a week with information on how to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The text messages are timed to the pregnant woman’s due date or the baby’s date of birth. Click here to learn more.

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