Our Difference

Women caring for


At Women’s Health Associates, we understand what it’s like to be a woman. After all, we’re women, too – with the same struggles and issues you have. We have husbands, we have kids, we work, we try to juggle it all. Just like you.


So when we say we understand, we really do.

women's health associates
our difference, women's health associates bentonville

A practice built around you.

We’ve built our practice around helping busy women (like you, like us) make their health and wellness a priority – because maintaining exceptional health is important at every stage of our lives to keep us strong, happy, and active. For ourselves…and for those we love.


And since each stage and every woman is unique, Women’s Health Associates takes an individualized, personalized approach to patient care, addressing each patient with warmth, compassion, expertise…and, yes, understanding.

our difference, women's health associates bentonville

Comprehensive services.

When we designed our practice and the services we would provide for our patients, we thought about what we, as women, would want.


That’s why we offer healthcare services to keep you strong and healthy, and also a range of other services that will help keep you looking and feeling your best. From obstetrics and gynecological services to weight loss and aesthetic services, you can trust us to take excellent care of you.

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