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Think about it. We give birth, we make homes, we work hard, we take care of our families. That’s a lot for one person to do. How are we supposed to find time to take care of ourselves? At Women’s Health Associates, we understand your needs, joys, and frustrations because we’re women, too. And we’re here to be your wellness partner for life – to help you take care of you.

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We provide comprehensive services that are patient-focused and knowledge-driven to women at every stage of their lives – whether it’s the gynecological services we all need from time to time, or keeping you healthy and cared for during pregnancy and childbirth, or providing aesthetic procedures that keep you feeling good about yourself. We’re there for you every step of the way.

women's health associates

Our Services

Abnormal Pap Smears


We provide a full range of services including wellness exams, and the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal pap smears, breast problems, endometriosis, fertility issues, menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, sexually transmitted infections, and urinary incontinence. We can also help you decide which contraceptive option is best for you.

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In-Office Procedures

If you’re a woman, you’re busy. That’s why the doctors at Women’s Health Associates perform several different in-office procedures in the comfort and convenience of our offices. This allows you to have the procedure you need while giving you more time in your busy life.

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Giving birth is a highly personal and emotional experience – in most cases, the most life-changing event that will happen in a woman’s life.  At Women’s Health Associates, our obstetrics care is designed to help you grow the healthiest baby possible, and to help you have a safe and beautiful birth you can remember with joy for the rest of your life.

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Ultrasound Imaging

While we typically use ultrasound imaging to assess the health of your baby, it is also an exciting opportunity for parents to see their child for the first time. And our 4D Ultrasound technology allows you to meet your baby in a way you have to see to believe.

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Lactation Consultant

Our lactation consultant is a professional breastfeeding technician who helps teach our new mothers how to feed their babies, as well as help women who may be experiencing problems with breastfeeding such as painful nursing, latching difficulties, and low milk production. She can also familiarize new moms with breast pumps and tips on how to use them and store expressed breast milk.

women's health associates bentonville

Weight Loss

Stable weight loss results are possible. They can even be sensible given the right program. At Women’s Health Associates, we use the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method to help our patients lose the weight and get healthy. We also provide nutritional counseling by a registered dietician. If you are a referring physician or dietician, download a referral form here.

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Aesthetic Services

At Women’s Health Associates, we want you to feel confident about every aspect of your life, including how you look. That’s why we offer a number of aesthetic services designed to help you be your best self at every stage of your life.

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Intimate Wellness

At Women’s Health Associates, we offer CO2RE Intima intimate wellness treatments that will help restore your vaginal health…and help you rediscover what you’ve lost. This fast, effective, painless in-office procedure requires no anesthesia and no downtime. The procedure only takes a few minutes and many women report symptom relief after the very first treatment.

Our Doctors

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Sarver, MD

Dr. Amy Sarver loves being an OB/GYN because it allows her to develop lifelong relationships with her patients.

Dr. Sills


Sills, MD

Dr. Amber Sills knew she wanted to be an OB/GYN after she delivered her first baby when she was a medical student.

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Bearden, MD

Dr. Lisa Bearden feels there is no higher honor than being there with her patient to help welcome a new life into the family.

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