Nipple Inversion: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

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Nipple Inversion: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

An inverted nipple is an issue faced by both men and women across the globe. It is a problem where the nipple points inward instead of outward. This is not a rare situation where an individual may have a single inverted nipple or both. If you are having this issue of inverted nipple appearance, then it is not a thing to worry about. Some individuals feel uncomfortable due to the weird cosmetic appearance and also issues in breastfeeding. But, if your nipples were proper earlier and GOP to inverted shape in recent times, then you have to see a doctor immediately. There are some specific solutions for this issue and delivers accurate results when performed at reliable health centers.

What are Potential Nipple Inversion Causes?

The tissue inside the breast is responsible for the fully inverted nipple. When this breast tissue attaches firmly to the skin of the nipple, it will pull the nipple inward near to the chest causing a reverse nipple. Nipple inversion could be caused by the manner of development in the womb. Some precise changes occur in the womb due to the changes in mammary glands. Variations in the growth of the tissue can cause inverted nipples leading to the birth of this individual with this issue. It is general for both men and women to be born with the same anatomy.

Inverted nipples can be a part of individual life with the majority of them living with them throughout their journey. Some women come across this situation while their breasts are developed during puberty. This type of natural nipple inversion is usually not a cause for concern. However, if you have naturally structured nipples that begin to invert all of a sudden, you should be checked for below nipple inversion causes:

  • Starting signs of breast cancer along with a Paget’s nipple disease.
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • Widening of milk ducts and thickening of the walls called Duct ectasia resulting in filling of ducts and clogging.
  • Infection and inflammation of the clogged milk duct leading to periductal mastitis caused by duct ectasia.
  • Loss of fat or scarring in the breast region due to surgery or trauma.
  • A lung infection called tuberculosis infecting the breast in rare cases.

Types of Nipple Inversion:

There are three stages or types of nipple inversion, reliant on the grade of inversion and movement of the nipple:

  1. An individual will be able to pull the nipple out and hold the projection. Such type of inversion will not cause any issue and allows easy breastfeeding process.
  2. Nipples can be pulled out with some difficulty but it will be tough to hold the position. Breastfeeding will be difficult to be carried with this condition.
  3. A person may not be able to pull out the nipple at all as it immediately retracts when pulled out. This stage offers the highest difficulty for breastfeeding without proper knowledge.

How to Find if the Nipple Inversion is an Issue?

The first thing to notice is if a nipple is more inward that protruding is considered as an inverted nipple. Some nipples become inverted for a small time and will come out with some stimulation or variations in temperature. But some nipples are constantly inverted irrespective of climate changes. Some other types of nipples are flat. As the name implies, they are neither protruding nor inverted but stay flat to the skin surface. If you want to know the status of your nipple, then you can perform a test called the nipple pinch test. As the name tells, you have to pinch the nipple slowly and look at the respo0nse of the nipple to know its type.

Breastfeeding with an Inverted Nipple:

Some women with inverted nipple issues find it difficult while breastfeeding as the baby will perform the task easily only on the erect nipple. Many others can feed easily even with this issue by having some knowledge of the technique. Even for women who have a major problem, there are some techniques and solutions to help them out to nurse properly. Some exercises involve manual management of the nipple that aid in relaxing the breast tissue leading to inversion. Advanced technologies with the usage of nipple shields, breast shields may aid in improving the situation. But if none of these options work, then you have to consult an aesthetic expert for getting a solution.

How Can Inverted Nipples be Corrected?

  • Nipple inversions issues may appear and go off in some people. Some pregnant women face this issue at some stage during pregnancy irrespective of the previous state of nipples. Vice versa, some women who had the issue of inverted nipples throughout their life, find that their nipples become protruding once they are pregnant. These cases are seen more during the first pregnancy. But if the nipples suddenly start to invert, then you must get it checked out by your doctor.
  • Even though it may not be causing any problem, the cosmetic issue of nipple inversion bothers some individuals. Breast shields could be tried as a solution to wear over the nipple. They gently apply pressure on the apple to draw them out over some time. There are specific suction technology devices that solve the issue within some time. Some people also opt for cosmetic surgeries when they are fed up with trying other solutions. These types of treatments must involve proper consultation and guidance from an expert skin specialist.

Bottom Line:

Generally, having an inverted nipple throughout your life will not have any effect on a person’s health and is not an area of concern. If it is causing any issue especially for breastfeeding, then it can be corrected with proper knowledge or manual stimulation. But if you notice a sudden change in shape, size, or texture of the breast you have to see a doctor immediately. At Women’s Health Associates, you will get a patient-focused treatment and precise education to treat women’s problems at all stages of life.

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